Sea parrot onshore

Actually the nest of an atlantic puffin, very well covered.

It is said to been born on tiny islands creating originals both animals and humans
– know very well, because born on a very tiny island myself.
This is from the Faroe Islands out in the North Atlantic.
Birds can be very colorful, pure clean colors here the beak most.

The real stuff

Probably one of the most sympathetic danish sausages men
– it’s Knud from the city of Horsens presents the real danish hot dog.

The ingredients are bread, onion, ketchup, mustard, pickled and sliced cucumber
– sausages there are many different kinds, in some places vegan too.

Many use it as a quick pit stop.

Inspired by this week theme “Comfort food” in the “Friendly Friday”.
The Sandy Chronicles

Hidden in the gravel

It looks like it is, an idyllic lake at noon and at night.
Previously several years back, it was a huge gravel pit.
An example that some raw material extractor takes responsibility after “harvest”.

Not a golddigger even many contractors mention gravel
– with the same awe as others do with gold.
Huge amounts of gravel are used worldwide.
Many gravel pits resemble pure lunar landscapes while in use.
Some do it after use too, where nature most of all seems abused
– but many are recreated as agricultural or recreational purposes.

This monster with a total weight of fifty tons,
only two shovels of seventeen tons each will fill the largest contractor trucks.

Stepping stone

What is a staircase, but a corridor improved by elevation.?
*Catherine Gilbert Murdock – american authoress*

Stepping stone – indirect and direct meaning:
Something that helps achieve something else.
One of a row of large, flat stones on which you can walk.