Something in the air

Only now I realize how much I miss my beloved black mountain bike
– which is at home back in Kaysersberg, waiting for new (photo) experiences.
The reminder was this old “garden gate” (danish slang for bikes over last sale day)
This one have waited so long time in an old shed owned by my old mum
– forgotten and hidden away while it waited for some experiences and fresh air too.

Inspired by this week theme “Covid19-discoveries” in the “Friendly Friday”.
The Sandy Chronicles

9 tanker om “Something in the air

  1. You’ve returned the challenge to me by sharing the Danish expression … “garden gate” (danish slang for bikes over last sale day). If you hadn’t said I could not have guessed what it meant. I’m still not sure that I do ?? 🙂

    • Maybe a bit tricky, but the Covid19 has kept us away from our home in Alsace for about two month now. Your theme reminded me that the thing I miss most was my black mountain bike – which brings me and my camera so much pleasure, on both short and long rides in the surrounding area of Alsace. We are “captured” on the tiny danish island Samsø because my old mother although in good health but due to age is in the risk group – her circle of friends for the same reason can’t visit each other. So we stay there and work is 100% online at the moment. 🙂

  2. I learned quite a lot from your post and the subsequent comments and responses. Sorry you can’t be at home, although I’m sure your mom appreciates you being there. I also didn’t realize how much your rode your bike. My husband is a cyclist, too, and I sometimes go with him, although I do more walking. I’ll miss Le Tour and the other races this year!


    • I am an open-air person as soon as the opportunity arises – challenges are best tackled with positivity. A steel horse (bicycle) is more manageable than a real horse – although a horse is a beautiful animal. 🙂

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