Spring, when ugly became beauty

Captured from 2012-15, unfortunately overtaken by the future of 4-5 years ago.
Modern agriculture often not leave space for sentimentality.

Despite not getting younger, the old ugly tree doesn’t give a damn
half of the tree broke due to the weight in the early spring
but the old ugly tree has the power to keep alive anyway
both in the remaining part and in the part being broken.
Despite of that this is a very old tree
so the tree knows well that fashion prescribes fresh foliage right now
even because of the drought right now.

The guardian dog is a bird

No it’s not Little John in the Sherwood forest
but a cheerful fellow with lots of singing in its beak.

Forests are real fascinating at spring time, almost look alike a battlefield.
The pace of the arrival varies greatly, even within short distances.
Dense forests may be more “conservative” and leisurely in the process.
While the more open parts close to the countryside turns faster into bright colors.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.