Waste collector

In cities in the old days it was common with so-called nightmen,
who in the shelter of darkness emptied trash cans and latrine buckets
– so that the city’s residents weren’t bothered by their own remains.
It is today set in more modern systems so it is picked up in full daylight.

But it still puzzles in the dark most often in gardens but elsewhere as well.
Could be hedgehogs in the role of waste collector and various pests too.

However, the little diligent nocturnal has faced a new serious enemy
– the modern, almost silent robotic lawnmowers,
which are deadly in the dark for hedgehogs and often surprise them.


Thierry Omeyer the french goalkeeper “catched” at a handball match some years ago.
Goalkeepers need to believe in the company and need to be individualists

Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes
– a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
*Vince Lombardi – american coach*

Without a kind of individualism added
– it could easily become a top-controlled gang or at least stereotyped.
Just to follow thoughtlessly, not always real company for any.

*Debbie and “Travel with intent” with “Company” as the inspiring theme word*