Two-way education

I’m not young enough to know everything
*Oscar Wilde – irish poet and playwright*


“Young people believe old people are fools
and old people know that young people are “

The more we know the more we find out we don’t know

It is said that life must be lived forwards and understood backwards.
Age becomes a learning process of experience, with lots of education.

16 tanker om “Two-way education

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  2. Education is in everything we do. Growing up. Playing with friends. Digging under rocks. plays in the house. Watching. Observing. Starting a lemonade stand. Baby sitting. Working model rockets. Reading story books. Helping a neighbor paint the house/fence. As I’ve told many students, 90% of my education came away from school. Always playing outdoors. Fixing bikes. Trying this hobby and that, this job and that. Hikes. Camping. And all the more.

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