Interior always starts with creating the frame or frames.
Interiors can also be outdoors, such as garden furniture.
This bench is the bedroom for a homeless, sometimes also living room.

We create our own sensuality
We are entering into an era where our sensuality
– will leave no aspect of your life untouched
*Lebo Grand – southafrican fashion author*

Maybe sometimes we creates an interior of our home
– the way we want to be, more than who we are.?
Probably sounds bad, but everyone need some positive infludence
– so if it is true, so it couldn’t be that bad, self-infludence as well could be good.

*Debbie and “Travel with intent” with “Interior” as the inspiring theme word*

17 tanker om “Interior

    • So glad you said so. Love challenges, to get my imagination “kicked” in on-mood. All your chosen theme word “ain’t that bad”, said with a huge twinkle in the eye 😀

  1. Hm! Wnętrze mojego mieszkania jest takie jak wymarzyłam sobie będąc małą dziewczynką. Teraz mieszkam na ulicy Latarnika- wnętrze jest “morskie”,koło sterowe od jachtu, prawdziwy kominek, mapy na ścianach, i wielka biblioteka. . Właściwie chciała bym zamieszkać w prawdziwej latarni morskiej…. oczywiście z moimi książkami. To marzenie nie spełni się już w tym życiu.. za ;pózno!
    Pozdrawiam Cię Drake

  2. Clever response, though I would have missed it if not for your explanation. I fluctuate between wanting to only use the one word and using a photo that I think appropriate but that requires an explanation. I know there’s no right or wrong but so far I’ve always tried to go with the one word. 🙂


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