According to John Lennon so “Give peace a chance” do so much agree.
Walking through Liverpool , so much nostalgia – the Beatles made it never ending.

Inspired by this week “Nostalgia” theme in the “Friendly Friday”.
Something to ponder about

12 tanker om “Nostalgia

  1. Nostalgic reminders of the Beatles era and not far from me now is a shop called ‘yAbbey Road’ – with Beatles paraphenalia!
    Good choice for the challenge.

    • The theme was imho just a ball in front of the right foot. 😀 So many spots in Liverpool will remind the street walkers in the cityscape – remind the influence the Beatles had and still have. 🙂

        • Both football and Beatles occupies a great deal in Liverpool. Many people do not know that the University of Liverpool has students all over the world (distance education) actually many from Australia too. 🙂

          • Distance education via the University of Liverpool. Interesting. Is it because they have developed a large program of external studies, or some other attraction? Low fees?

            • Exactly, they have developed a large program of external studies, become one of their main focus skills. Mostly from Liverpool, but there are external educators too – have from time to time been one of these myself. In specific tasks understood, not in general.

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