When I moved away from home when I was sixteen, due to education
– my father said to me “on my way out the door”:
You can learn something everywhere, at least how it shouldn’t be
The supremely best advice I have ever received, actually followed me since
– you can learn something every day, even an argument to get out of bed.

Inspired by this week theme “Essential tips’n tools” in the “Friendly Friday”.
The Sandy Chronicles

It is said that when doors closes behind you,
then windows will open in front of you.
Maybe the other way around too.
Pessimists would probably say that it is due to airy through-pull.

15 tanker om “Essentialism

  1. I was thinking about what you wrote. Door closes and window opens. I find when one door closes, at least three doors [or windows] open. Although, being patient and willing to struggle until something is revealed can be difficult for many. Great things are often concealed by tragedy. My opinion anyway. 🙂

    Great Piece!

  2. Good quote from your dad, although I’m guess this “at least how it shouldn’t be” might actually be “should be”. I could get used to that view in the first shot and what looks like an infinity pool as well. Hope your Friday went well and you have an excellent weekend.


    • You have a point about should or shouldn’t. Necessary to becoming more wiser by own mistakes and learning of them, but to see other make mistakes could make wiser too. Have learned a lot from both through time. 🙂
      Enjoy your weekend too, my friend. 🙂

  3. ‘At least how it shouldn’t be’ — yes, you can learn from the mistakes of others! With eyes wide open learning is inevitable: there’s a story everywhere. 👏

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