Walk right in to the center

Isle of Wight at the Newport area, a traffic-safe “waterway”,
while pedestrians and cyclists are directed to the path next to it.
Didn’t succeed to see the “driving-ready” part used by any cars

A walk from the outskirts to the town center square of Newport.
Many towns, perhaps especially between 25-75,000 inhabitants
– seems like built over “same” template in its very own way.
It creates a kind of peace of mind without fear of getting lost in a town not known well.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

The first part of the footpath, against the center, could have been called “broadway”
– every single front yard have its own signature, some were under reconstruction.

Wonder why the markings on british streets and roads often are “broken”.?

Closer to the center of Newport.

Here is the church square in the city center surrounded by financial shops
– in addition, a jeweler, two or three pubs, an insurance company.
Fashion stores are more easily found in the streets towards the square.