Rooms with sea view

Secluded rooms with sea views in french La Rochelle
– these are not modern “self-isolation cells” in line with these times.
It’s small old fishing houses where the fishermen can sit indoors
– while keeping an eye on their fishing rods.

21 tanker om “Rooms with sea view

  1. We have something similar here. When the lakes freeze, fishermen haul ice fishing houses onto the lakes, and leave them there until the ice begins to melt.
    There’s no floor so they can drill a hole in the ice, set their fishing pole on a stand and sit back on their lawn chair.
    They have a small refrigerator, a TV, and usually a friend or two to keep them company while they wait for a bit.
    I’m originally from a much warmer climate where the lakes never freeze. I was completely surprised to see this when I first moved here.

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