Greenish harmonies

Rasmus Lyberth, a greenlandic folk singer and songwriter (taken some years ago).
Music is filled with (color) harmonies, Greenland too.
Inuits, rarely get the respect they deserve, most of all from the rest of the danes.
Many get really positive surprised when visiting Greenland first time.
A country with lots of contrasts and lots of harmonies.

Greenlandic friends from high school, created this evergreen fascination
– but unfortunately not the ability to speak the language.

Inspired by this week “Color harmonies ” theme in the “Friendly Friday”.
Something to ponder about

11 tanker om “Greenish harmonies

  1. Thanks ever so much for posting these. I have been fascinated with Greenland since I was a young girl. Funnily enough, my DNA has a small percentage of Inuit! You have found some fantastic photos to meet the brief for this week’s Friendly Friday Challenge, Drake. I see analogous, monochromatic and complementary – even triadic colour schemes. I do adore the way the Greenlanders paint their houses in such bright colours. How did that come about? Do you know the reason why?

    • Really an amazing area, which I been been so lucky to visit several times. Lucky to know several greenlanders too. Sure “Sandy” have the right point about the coiors, mostly pure “sharp” colors. 🙂

  2. I was surprised that the colorful houses of Greenland looks so similar to the houses in Newfoundland. I shouldn’t have been, the two are quite close together and share the same geography dnd weather probably. The reason for Newfoundland’s colorful houses is so that sailors can see them through the fog & storms famous in that part of the world.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, I learned something new today!

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