Kind of last walk

Sark, the smallest of the four great Channel Islands
– and an autonomous part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.
Time to say goodbye, after about 60 hours on the beautiful island.
First the rented bikes must be delievered back, now with air in the tires.
The walk back to the boat included a rest on the bench with the view.
Didn’t sit down on the big white chair, only enjoyed the place where it stood.

11 tanker om “Kind of last walk

    • Each small island is different, but they have all until now – showed the same kind of excellent feeling of hospitality, proud of their own island and enjoy be visited by us sailing people. 🙂

      • I haven’t been on a sail boat for many, many years, although we were fortunate enough to spend a day on a barge in France with English blogging friends some years ago. That was a blast. I did see the last day of the America’s Cup the year America came from behind to beat New Zealand in San Francisco. I was hanging out with some Kiwis I’d met that day, so we were sad they lost. But the “sailboats” are quite different now!!

        • These sailboats are quite “monster-like”. 🙂 Have seen such boats from time to time on sea – amazing view. We are not slow at all, but have no chances following them at all. 😀 Love to sail, don’t “feel well” without our summer journeys. 🙂

          Mostly the sea we enjoy, but such as the german and french rivers are wonderful too. A different way of sailing, no sail – more relaxing in a way. 🙂

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