Uncoming foreigners

Never been fond of the english word in relation to an unknown, a stranger,
– who knows if people are strangers before you have met them before.?
After rounding the norman peninsula early this morning,
now with heading directly towards the mouth of the river Seine
– between Le Havre and Honfleur – back to start with the sun in the back.
An oncoming boat heading towards Jersey on the other side of the peninsula.
The radio contact indicates that these aren’t “strange” strangers.

15 tanker om “Uncoming foreigners

  1. love your exploration of stranger and strange strangers – etc.
    an whew, this photo here – I would really like it in a large canvas on the wall (well have enough art and photos but this would look good framed)

  2. My mother had a saying “I never met a stranger.” She could talk to anyone, even if they were strange. I am the same way. We are all in this thing called life “Together.” I love the picture you captured of that white sail surrounded by blue.

  3. Do you have a similar word to “stranger” in your native language? Is it the similarity between the word “strange” and “stranger” that you don’t like? I find language interesting. 🙂

    • All language have their “strange” spots, so the “strangers” have something to ponder about. 😀
      – in french (etrange*r*), as in english (strang*r*), only a letter r is added. While in spanish, german and all nordic languages, there are used two different words to describe the two different things. 🙂
      Find all our different languages very interesting too. 🙂

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