Could deer be weird

On the edge of a forest thicket in the alsatian Vosges.
The deer seemed to be pretty “sneaky”.?
One doesn’t care and turns the rear end towards me.
Three look at me even though I’m a little far away.
Three look at my mountain bike that stands at the same distance as I did.
In fairness it must be said that they didn’t steal it.

With “Kammie’s Oddball” as the inspiring kick.

16 tanker om “Could deer be weird

    • Seen many videos and photos from all over the world where many different wild animals occupy the empty streets that used to be full of people – funny in a bit weird way. Heard that in the waters off Hong Kong there the white dolphin had returned – after been displaced by the many ferries in the past. Because in the last six months there have been so many cancellations that there was space for the dolphin again.

      The deer probably knew the bike only could be used by one, not seven. 😀

  1. Yes-deers can be sneaky 🙂 One time I was at Nara – Deer City, Japan. When they note I am not carrying cookies in my hand to feed them I got a gentle bite on my behind – and I made sure I have plenty of cookies for them 🙂

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