Such french Alps “hairpin curves” deliver momently flashbacks,
telling us where we just come from and what we have gone through.

Inspired by this week theme “Flashback” in the “Friendly Friday”.
The Sandy Chronicles

17 tanker om “Flashback

    • Yes they starts in Brest today, read that a spectator was to blame (again) that some riders crashed – not only in the cycling world other sports too, spectators be more and more careless.

      • I hate reading that. The spectators in the Tour are often horrible about not giving the riders space. It really makes me angry so I can only imagine what it’s like for the riders. And one crash and the time loss with it can change everything.

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      • I am sure you would like that, knowing that you like to be in a boat in really rough seas, such a thrill would be fun. I would like it too, but then the nerves and the caution would kick in. I would think about the damage I could do if I fell off and that would slow me down.

        • I always calculate the risk before, take this very seriously – but even cycling through cities can be dangerous (yes even walking the streets). Loves mountains, the sea and big forests, isn’t afraid but has huge respect. Never play world champion, but there are things I have stopped doing because I am getting older. 😀

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