Weather report

Mostly it is only in bad mood that bad weather beats us;
in joy we face the storm and defy it

Inspired by this week theme “Weather” in the “Friendly Friday”.
The Sandy Chronicles*

Bad weather always looks worse through a window
Tom Lehrer – humorous american musician, satirist, and mathematician

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      • Good memory, N! You remember my post about that journey, perhaps. I have seen the Irish sea and North sea too on TV programs about fishing ships. Scary stuff that you would no doubt relish!

        • Exactly remember your story from the lovely moving sea between Australia and NewZ. In Europe, there are some exciting ones too. Some on a smaller scale, such as where the two small seas Kattegat and Skagerak meet and break between Norway and danish Skagen. The Irish Sea is special where water is squeezed in from the Atlantic Ocean north and south of the irish island (can be really rough). In the bay of Biscay north of Spain and along France up to the Brittany peninsula can be ‘ugly’ too. In contrast, the English Channel, it is the traffic not the water that is the challenge. 🙂

            • Really many are hit by seasick when use the ferries from Frederikshavn (nortern Jutland) against the cities Oslo, Kristiansand or Larvik in Norway when the wearher is a bit hard. Haven’t been seasick anytime anywhere myself – love waves. 🙂

              The roughness due to the fact that the two smaller seas don’t have the same rhythm – and “slap” together in breaking embrace. Very cozy if I am asked. 😀

              In harder weather – no problems getting a seat in the restaurants on board. 😀

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