Illuminated darkness

It is very common in central and northern Europe,
to refer to december as a dark period of the year.
But that is a truth with modifications.
Snow even in small amounts lights up in nature.
Even towns, cities and villages without snow, shine brightly in december.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

17 tanker om “Illuminated darkness

  1. Beautiful photos! Love the gray building with lights!

    I always consider January as the dark month. December is full of Christmas lights and decorations, but everything ends in January. I often wish people would keep their holiday lights on through the coldest month of winter.

    • You’re right, january might be darker than december But mostly (in my area) january have snow and it makes more “light” than all the december lights – at least in nature. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed these views. 🙂

  2. Christmas lights bring out the child in all of us, don’t they? Snow does too, but I like it best on Christmas cards. Thanks, Drake! Wishing you a happy festive season.

  3. Wonderful images, Drake. We don’t see snow in Australia during the Festive Season. In fact, we don’t see very much snow at all.
    During 2017/18 I was in Copenhagen for the New Year. I was in wonderland. I loved the snow and the lights and the gaiety. Much like the images you’ve presented… Gorgeous!

    • Guess Santa sweats a lot in Australia and New Zealand – the clothes are warm. 😀

      You have been lucky, statistically speaking, there is only a white Christmas and New Year in Copenhagen once every decade. I was a child in Denmark and I remember it as if it were every year – probably always remember the good (old) days and forget the snowless ones. 😀

      • I didn’t know that. How lucky that was!
        I said in my comment above that I was there in 2017/18, but looking up my records it was 2015/2016. I would return to Denmark in the blink of an eye. I absolutely loved it.
        And yes; Santa sure sweats a lot here in his heavy clothes. Mind you; so does everyone else!

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