Walking and still standing

Snowkiting has many advantages and few disadvantages.
Ideal for those who are too lazy to climb up before run down.
No slopes needed and in fact only a little bit of snow.
The wind does the work, so it has to be present – and not too strong.
Fall can happens – because driving too close so that the strings are wound together.
After all, the feet (or skis) are already at ground level if plain level is chosen.

Of course, an “airy” style can also be chosen using hills and slopes.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

10 tanker om “Walking and still standing

    • This isn’t a lake but a flat field, but can easily be done with skates on frozen lakes. In childhood, we built lightweight “ice boats” (four pieces of wood) with skates underneath and a mast with sails – they could actually “run” really fast. So fast that our mothers were nervous (mothers must be that) 😀 😀 .D

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