A typical english telephone box abandoned in a german forest.
It isn’t only mobile phones that are disappearing,
because the phone itself is missing.
Can it become more mysterious.?
There are a lot of cars of different nationalities too.
The large forest is located in the former West Germany
and is probably not the most visited place.
But there are cars that may have been standing here,
for more or less fifty years.
With number plates indicating that they come from a large number of countries,
such as the US, Great Britain, former East Germany and more.

Motor bikes as well.

19 tanker om “Mysterious

    • Yes indeed believe you are right – and archeologists will be wondering more about previous generations than archeologists ever done before. Det latest century will break every limit about how “weird” we humans can be. 😀 😀 😀

  1. That Tardis has seen better days – or maybe that is what it wants you to think. 😀 Great series of ambiguous atmospheric compositions ! 🙂

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