Every action creates reaction

“Ponte dei Sospiri”
“The bridge of Sighs”
Venice Italy

Maybe the worlds most “dangerous” bridge ever.?

The bridge itself is safe enough – it is escape secured
and made of white limestone and has windows with stone bars.
It passes over the Rio di Palazzo and connects the “new” prison
to the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace.
It was designed by Antoni Contino.
(whose uncle Antonio da Ponte had designed the Rialto Bridge in Venice)
the bridge was built in 1602.

So far so good.

But a local legend says that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss
if they kisses while they are on a gondola at sunset under the bridge Of Sighs.

So take care who you kiss under this bridge
or who you let kiss you.

Only kiss there if you are absolutely sure, that you are kissing the only one.

Among the many who were led over the bridge of Sighs
to be imprisoned in Venice for a shorter or longer period,
was the well-known venetian womanizer, author and adventurer Giacomo Casanova,
in the mid-18th century was thrown into the dungeon after been through the Inquisition.
He escaped from prison during a carnival where all the guards were drunk.

Do not think Casanova kissed women under the bridge.
This risk in relation to the old narrative,
it has probably been too high, even for a casanova.?

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