Baby in wet corner

Outside in twilight and rain – weird, indeed.
Has become a cult car after production stopped.
Current owners (men or women) treat them normally more gently,
than their respective spouses – that’s true.
Known officially as the Volkswagen Type 1.
Manufactured and marketed by german automaker Volkswagen (VW)
From 1938 until 2003 in 21½ million numbers (worldrecord).
Of which 15½ million alone in Germany and 3½ million in Brazil.
At least all countries in Europe have enthusiastic car owner clubs.
This car have numberless nicknames: “Read here“.
In youth we called it for a “pregnant german roller skate”,
but many of us (not me) ended up with it as our first car.
Created as a cheap economic opportunity for ordinary people,
by none other than the famous Ferdinand Porsche (known for sports cars)

3 tanker om “Baby in wet corner

  1. Mine was a dark blue 1970 model. I became a VW fan with that first car. Since then, I’ve had a first-year Golf (Rabbit in the US) and now drive a 2016 VW Golf SportWagen, which is lots of fun to drive, too, but more practical because it is a wagon.

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