In the mood

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Calvi isn’t easy to miss on the horizon.

Famous seafarer known for looking for an easier way to India,
whereby he found America – how unlucky can one be (joke).
Columbus was born in corsican Calvi, but was not much to admit it.
The island belonged to the kingdom of Genoa at that time,
they were very unpopular in especially the spanish and portuguese royal houses.
Even then, there were international crises – it is not a modern invention.
Columbus just sailed with spanish and portuguese financial subsidies, so guess why.

The corsicans have forgiven him both not telling the birth truth and about America (joke).

12 tanker om “In the mood

  1. Thanks for taking me with you, Drake. I love the look of Calvi, and the observations about Columbus (not a lot of people know that he was Corsican?) Here’s to another beautiful day!

      • Huh!
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        If You already pay for “No Ads”, it’s time to do the WP happiness engineer engagement thing.
        Paying for no ads, and getting ads would be wrong… a theft of sorts.
        I don’t care, I Ignore them.
        However, your blog looks cluttered. xo

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