Calm battlefield goat

This is me with my goat called “Mette”,
it was míne and it was the first that was mine all alone.
Being an only child for the first about 7 years of my life.
it’s the goat in the white training suit
it was my friend.
At that time my dad was building a small new house
(behind the photographer which was my mother)
a house where it was supposed that my mothers parents
should be able to enjoy their retirement and build before
my parents and I moved to german Schleswig later that year.
My father very much appreciated his mother in law
therefore, he built the house in his free time
together with 2 bricklayers and one unskilled workman.
The goat and I was very curious and watched very interested
in the construction of the house all the time
the workman didn’t like children and even less goats.
Both the goat and I worried us really if they did it well enough
because we really so much appreciate our sweet grandmother
(and she appreciated her grandson – me)
so nothing was too good for her.
The workman was always very annoyed with us
although we didn’t bother their building work
he was actually very unfair when the other ones didn’t notice it.
When he came running with his wheelbarrow with mortar or bricks
so we had to jump for our lives not to be run over.
Then it was too much for the goat
so when he drove the wheelbarrow up a board to enter the house
then took the goat inlet and butted him in the ass
so he toppled with a load
the other men laughed very loudly
but the workman disliked us even more
but we won at last.
I was proud as only a 5 year old can be – the goat was mine.

In the danish language if something goes really wrong.
Then it said “der gik ged i det”
(“it went into goat” which meaning that it fails).
That was the way it went that day.