Secondhand rubber

Burnt tires are often associated with street racing by young people.
But tires of all types are scrapped and replaced.
Subsequently, many things can happen to the old tires.
Sometimes they are just left in the wild.
At small harbor facilities as cheap buffers between quays and ships.
Protective cover over straw and plastic of outdoor feed in agriculture.
Sure many other uses around.
Some collect them in huge numbers and burn / melt them,
for many different repurposing of rubber products.
Never thought about whether our rubber bathing duck is recycling.


2 tanker om “Secondhand rubber

    • I have to admit that I am so stingy that I couldn’t think of “burning tires” by spinning to impress the surroundings. Actually an unpleasant smell imho – as trained as firefighter and as a commanding officer when I was serving my military service – have met the smell and remember it well. 🙂

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