Om ledrakenoir

Danish but working and living mostly aboard - so my home is more than less worldwide - see also abroad as my second home - and likes it...

Last morning in the Alps

The area around austrian Sankt Anton am Arlberg offers many nature experiences.
Prepared for people to move in harmony with nature.
Sometimes created by humans, other times by nature itself.
The melting water from the Alps on the way down creates obstacles.
Sometimes simple to pass, other times with the aid of small bridges.
Overall it gives a sense of being part of something bigger.

Walk all inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Ants are enormously diligent and strong in proportion to their size.
Their building art is impressive and structurally fascinating.
The human made too.


Life from above

A “natural” irrigation plant at austrian Sankt Anton am Arlberg.
Simple but so brilliant, life and energy from above.
With help from the sun and the mountains..
The melting water from the Alps is led to the benefit of humans and animals.
A variation of living in harmony with nature.

Serious but charming

Cattle farming in Austria is fascinating.
With close cohesion between cattle and farmers.
When the dairy farm is led up to the higher-lying grass for the summer.
The trip can take several hours and the entire family participates.
The milking takes place twice a day in the field.3

Each little farm supplies to a dairy,
or make their own cheese and butter.
A delicious taste experience, as a supplement.
On a mountain bike ride, to buy butter and cheese for the ‘brought-with’ baguettes.