Handful of prompts

A sail must be unfolded, as an open mind.

Daily prompt “Unfurl“.

Being left alone does not mean to be irrelevant.

Daily prompt “Solitary“.

Grain filter in large size and made of stone, protect the coast better.

Daily prompt “Grainy

Whether we like it or not, rain is needed and at times quite charming.

Daily prompt “Willy-nilly“.

Glass doesn’t compromise opposite much else,  either it is unbroken or it is broken.

Daily prompt “Prickle“.

In the air

A trip in a carousel runs as known in circles.
Provides a speculative view of the surroundings.
Angles not commonly seen – bird’s eye view.
Here in the little german town of Husum near the danish-german border.
Very close to the Wadden Sea, which facing the North Sea.
Ranging from southern danish Jutland, along Germany to the north of Holland.

All inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

The floating highway

Import and export around the world, provides containerized impressive growth.
Larger and larger, more and more container ships on the nautical highways.
The containers have standard sizes but they are a motley of different colors.
The settings of the cargo seems too unmanageable but are really systematic.
Nubilous to everyone except those who it is everyday routines.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula.
The inspiring theme this week “Pick a word in august

The five selectable keywords to choose from:

A different ghost story

Sønderborg Castle by the harbor in the southernmost of the danish peninsula Jutland.

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Down in the basement of the castle there are four grave crypts with several sarcophagis.
There is only access for very few and only in relation to the ducal family.
Used until the middle of the 1800s – can usually only visited once a year.

Up to the opening, so cleaning is to be done for the visit.
The crypt had been locked since the year before.
From the late 1960s when the cleaning people came in.
So they saw the sarcophagis had moved several centimeters, happens then every year.

So the stories start that the old duke has returned as a ghost.
The ghost stories won’t die, until many years after so the sarcophagis stops moving
There was just as much wonder over it stops as when it started.

The secret of the sarcophagis was just outside.
At the quay a few meters from the castle’s wall, during this period with small cruise ships.
Cruise over Flensburg Fjord to Germany with cheap food and drink aboard.
The bumps from the ships propagated with shaking and the sarcophagis moved a little.