Undercover world

There are entrances and then there are entrances.
The direct way isn’t always the most exciting.
Savoie has hidden sights too, through back doors.
Above, the façade may be a bit dull, but it can be a hideout.
An old engine out of service is quickly overlooked.

Below is a very colorful fascinating abandoned world.
The light that escapes into the shafts creates its own world
– a world in dazzlingly beautiful colors.


Goat cheese

Manic monday or something like.

Goats, lots of goats, going home from the field for milking.
Savoie on the edge of the french Alps is known for cheese, especially goat cheese.

Goats are a very curious animal and not afraid to explore.
So the girl must run because a goat has seen an open door.

Be a gentleman and don’t photograph while I’m being milked.“.?

The goat’s milk becomes cheese, on the farm’s dairy.
Several different flavors and consistency varieties.
Production looks like a science.
The hygiene is top notch and just being allowed to photograph is demanding.