Eight days a week

Bourg Saint Maurice area just when man believes
the prerequisite for life is exhausted in the brutal nature
Reprieve is happen. The cattle do it well up there.

Daily prompt “Reprieve“.

Bourg Saint Maurice area where nature has created
beauty by infuse cruelty and softness with velvet gloves.

Daily prompt “Infuse“.

Bourg Saint Maurice area where nature radiate power, but space for life too.

Daily prompt “Radiate“.

Bourg Saint Maurice area where look like nature has created
space for life by detonate brutally intervals between the mountain peaks.

Daily prompt “Detonate“.

Bourg Saint Maurice area where human “buff” the wild power of nature.
Polishing energy out of the water, before it continue the way down.

Daily prompt “Buff“.

Bourg Saint Maurice area in the french Alps.
Mountain roads aren’t logical, but only the most easy trace.

Daily prompt “Trace“.

Bourg Saint Maurice area have to be taken in portions.
Else the engine heat will catch fire,
no matter kind of engine even the human engine.

Daily prompt “Portion“.

The area of Bourg Saint Maurice.
Flock of sheep waiting for the bus.
(read as animal transport)
What a brassy sound they can make.
Especially when waiting on a bike.

Daily prompt “Brassy

The title borrowed from a The Beatles song.

Week of prompts

We humans never or almost never leave our surroundings in the condition we receive it.

Daily prompt “Notorious“.

To end up with a descent, we must have started an ascent first.

Daily prompt “Descend“.

Free the moorings and enjoy life.

Daily prompt “Unmoored“.

Some paths of life more than other make us feel being adrift.

Daily prompt “Adrift“.

Wonder why never been researched about catapult seats in passenger airplanes.?

Daily prompt “Catapult“.

The first impression of a luxury cruise ship almost in the heart of Venice is unforgettable.

Daily prompt “Impression“.

Survival is often without logic and often at same time because of logic.

Daily prompt Survive“.

Seven days of prompts

Could be a farce hiking for an excellent view a foggy day.?

Daily prompt “Farce“.

Ruin of an old mountain castle in french Vosges seen from the kindly side,
the other sides are a bit more on the edge of a precipice.

Daily prompt “Precipice“.

No qualm about riding many together and very close to each other.

Daily prompt “Qualm“.

Sailing requires cooperation and correction.

Daily prompt “Collaboration“.

Back in the old days the hospitality at castles and mansions was very limited.
There was a certain distance to the outside world – the times have changed.
Mostly due to the economy, there is a need for paying guests.
This main house is now a reputable restaurant.

Daily prompt “Hospitality“.

Finally at Gare du Nord in Paris, so do many people think every day.
Many don’t think the trip to Paris starts before they leave the train.
While in the opposite direction, the Paris journey stay all the way home.

Daily prompt “Final“.

Finding space for both sun and refreshing water can be a real maze.

Daily prompt “Maze“.

Prompts of the week

Mostly so snow will be temparary.

Daily prompt “Temporary“.

Walking through the forest with open mind will expose our life inspiration.

Daily prompt “Exposed“.

Bitterness can be refreshing, like fresh lemon and orange juice.

Daily prompt “Bitter“.

Many have pursued the track of The Beatles
right through the gate of Strawberry Field (Forever) in Liverpool.

Daily prompt “Pursue“.

Pleasant (and sometimes unexpected) company makes the day better.

Daily prompt “Better“.

Montmartre atmosphere, way of lifestyle.

Daily prompt “Lifestyle“.

Kylie in the spotlight at Echo in Liverpool – almost a pink lady.

Daily prompt “Pink“.

Another seven prompts

Fire could be a good reason why panicked.

Daily prompt “Panicked“.

None, but it is just a matter of time.

Daily prompt “None“.

These “small” tugboats have full control among the huge ships.

Daily prompt “Control“.

An apprentice satellite dish class.?

Daily prompt “Apprentice“.

The open air bench fire where many yarns are spun and stories told.

Daily prompt “Yarn“.

Particularly powerful animal perfume scattered in nature.

Daily prompt “Perfume“.

Sometimes the winner looks real knackered.

Daily prompt “Knackered“.