Not far away horizon

Whatever we think, a horizon is never endless.
Here is a horizon in the english city of Liverpool.

Daily prompt: “Horizon“.


Handful of prompts

A sail must be unfolded, as an open mind.

Daily prompt “Unfurl“.

Being left alone does not mean to be irrelevant.

Daily prompt “Solitary“.

Grain filter in large size and made of stone, protect the coast better.

Daily prompt “Grainy

Whether we like it or not, rain is needed and at times quite charming.

Daily prompt “Willy-nilly“.

Glass doesn’t compromise opposite much else,  either it is unbroken or it is broken.

Daily prompt “Prickle“.

Textures of life

Red roses always lift the impression, the expectation or the standard.

Daily prompt “Substandard

Some eat for living, others live to eat.

.Daily prompt “Lust

The fragrance of freedom, but basically freedom can be at all levels.

Daily prompt “Fragance


Giving gifts can be both deep and superficial depends on the setup.

Daily prompt “Shallow


Sometimes hidden, but the details often gives the overview.

Daily prompt “Hidden

Weekly photo challenge “Textures