Textures of life

Red roses always lift the impression, the expectation or the standard.

Daily prompt “Substandard

Some eat for living, others live to eat.

.Daily prompt “Lust

The fragrance of freedom, but basically freedom can be at all levels.

Daily prompt “Fragance


Giving gifts can be both deep and superficial depends on the setup.

Daily prompt “Shallow


Sometimes hidden, but the details often gives the overview.

Daily prompt “Hidden

Weekly photo challenge “Textures

Five in three

Wonderful that we were born after the invention of the keyboard.
So we should not deliver quill for writing.

Daily prompt “Quill“.

Wondering what this is.?
A right-side wheel of a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400.
Excellent coffe onboard for us passengers.

Daily prompt “Dash“.
Daily prompt “Wheel“.
Daily prompt “Passenger“.


To jangle – a metallic sound, but could be bottles of glass too.

Daily prompt “Jangle“.

Four prompts

Tighten the seat belts.
A tether holds us in our box.
At least during start and landing.
All along with a lot of charm,
even for the long-legged.

Daily prompt “Tether“.

Wondering whether the cattle separate between starter, dinner, dessert and snack.?

Daily prompt “Snack

This kind of “dolphins” in the coastal do act as a magnet to many eyes.

Daily prompt “Magnet“.

Theoretically to sail, but practically more to flow.

Daily prompt “Sail“.