Dream vehicle

Have heard there are two kinds of boys.
Those who say they want a Porsche
– and then those who do not want to say so in public.
Wonder if it’s such a Porsche mentioned on the wish list.?
Seen at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.


Watched by time

With a twinkle in the eye and said in all goodness,
then the lovely germans have a reputation for being thorough people.
But apparently the tower-clocks are keeping a watchful eye.
Absolutely owl-like looking – totally fun Stuttgart night mood in the city center.

Don’t want to know

There are moments in life where thoughts about what happened or why.
they are unnecessary waste of time because there is no explanation.
Don’t know what’s going on and I’m not sure if I want to know.

It did not seem like it was a huge agricultural estate and far from home.


Living in Alsace and at the same time being the owner of a mountain bike
– can be very problematic at times.
Shortcuts easily become detours.

A danish grocery chain has a commercial slogan:
“It only takes 5 minutes, but we like you to stay longer”
Sounds like biking in Alsace.