The river Rhine has seasonal growth time, here at german Mainz.
Actually so more water makes it more dangerous to sail on.
In many places, the river doesn’t know its own limitations.

Looks more like a place for submarine arrival.

The barges looks so “yuuuuuge” on the river Rhine.



P 31

The european autumn is the time when pantries are filled.
Fruit, berries, nuts, tuber crops, cereals, vegetables, including cabbage and much more.

Autumn is where farming reaps acknowledgment for a year’s work.

All those temptations captured in the alsatian iKaysersberg area.

P 33

Delicious red potatos.

P 35


P 36


P 29


P 38

Cabbage.and asparagus.

P 37

Open gate

N 95

A newer open port in the old port of the alsatian castle ruin.
The most funny thing about this piece of abandoned architecture:
The gate was the only obstacle, all the way around the ruin there was free access.

The visit worthy german blogger “Puzzle Blume” has challenged me with 11 questions.
Here are my straight and honest answers to these 11 questions.

01* Favorite pets:: Dog, cat. other or none.?
Have a favorite don’t means to hate all others 
– tiny fiery, charismatic dogs like Yorkshire terriers are the favorites. 
02* Which way do you like strawberries most.?
Fresh strawberries, liquid white chocolate, champagne and a sweet girl’s company.
03* Tidiness or creative chaos.?
Love to get a grip on the chaos, in fact it is part of my business tasks too.
04* Do you still have any old toys from your childhood.?
No my son owns them all now.
05* Darkness: spooky or spell.?
No light without darkness.
06* When do you sing.?
I am better at drumming a lot better, sing in the shower and selected songs public.
07* Your oldest book.?
Oldest the three novels of Alexandre Dumas, they are about 100 years old.
“The Vicomte de Bragelonne”, “Louise de la Vallière”, “The Man in the Iron Mask”
The first book bought by myself was a Alfred Hitchcock book.
08* How do you wake up in the morning.?
With a smile.
09* What about the small change: expend or accumulate.?
Always wisely, coz freedom economically too are always the guiding principle.
10* Your next destination is.?
Liverpool, Andorra and the old tiny native island in Denmark.
11* For writing a new blog post: any habits.?
Always relatively spontaneously.