Not a “hangover”

Le Pin au Haras in Normandy – there’s a very clever horse.
The young woman just need to sit and then it runs the show.
Made my thoughts except from the colors about the horse Jolly Jumper.

Jolly Jumper the horse character in the franco-belgian comics series Lucky Luke,
Described as “the smartest horse in the world”
and able to perform tasks such as chess-playing and tightrope walking.
created by the belgian artist (cartoonist, comics artist, illustrator) Morris.


Help me, please.?

Man in trouble, woman on the way to rescue.
Maybe I misconstrue the situation and cheat with the angle.?

Low tide wreck

Portbail, fascinating town nestled by the small river Ollondes.
One and a half stone throw of the south west coast of the Cotentin peninsula.
Protected by a “nor” which is run by the tidal waters.
A nor (don’t know the english word) in german it is called “noor”.
An old-fashioned danish word: narrow waters is a smaller water area,
which is only connected to the sea with a narrow gutter
and a surface-like extent of at most and few square kilometers.

In this “nor” there are a lots of boat wreck, many only seen at low tide.

Probably more abandoned than accident.