Moon shadows

Moon shadows in Africa, here it seems closest to the earth.
Maybe within reach, maybe it could be touched.

Could be chipmunk pranks

The big tree in the middle of the big square in french Strasbourg is lit.
For the rest of the year it must be the landmark for atmosphere and life.
Observed for a brief moment, the impressive tree brilliantly flashed.
Not fast so it got blurry but leisurely.
Maybe the naughty Chip’n Dale, the two anthropomorphic chipmunk brothers
– famous and infamous (according to Donald Duck) from Walt Disney.

Maybe they enjoy themselves under the surface of the tree this year.?

Meaning of life

In many places, the Gingerbread Man is traditionally associated with child birthdays.

This “episode” was seen in an alsatian village at a bakery shop.
It’s not just a piece of cake, it seems a little panicked.?
Maybe the Gingerbread Man is on the run, hurt and upset over the view,
to play a key role in a children’s birthday party.