A little road sign as foreshadow about a traffic hurdle
not always we capture it at right time
maybe because of surroundings are catching our eyes ‘better’
actually we could say the surroundings shadows for the warning
luckily a highest level on 4 meters, as here
wouldn’t be a problem for most people
only modern buses and some lorries.
Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Foreshadow

Moonlight castle


Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloß Gottorf
(in english: Regional State Museum Gottorp Castle in the german city Schleswig)

The old phrase that “home is where your heart is” is so true
but it is also true that we leave a piece of the heart,
when we leave a place where we were happy to stay
it makes the pleasure so much greater when we return to visit
us who have lived in many places, both through childhood and adulthood
so it’s great to have a big heart for all these places.
Admitted this photo wasn’t taken with my own camera, but with a borrowed one
my camera did a completely black photo of an “invisible” castle in the moonlight
I lived in a period of my childhood in the beautiful german town of Schleswig
some of my classmates parents were employed at the castle
which are placed in the western periphery of the city
for this reason we used much time in the surroundings of the castle
and I was very fascinated by this historic place
(the castle was a period incidentally the residence of a danish king many years ago.
The castle in daylight.
An old viking ship found in Nydam Mose – exhibited at the castle.
An impressive Hercules sculpture.
Weekly Photo Challenge “Masterpiece
Subjects we called “out of this world” or “masterpiece” probably change during life.

Idyll for the early birds


Very early morning mood on a hazy summer day in July
many don’t believe the day starts before the sun golden rays hitting us
but the time just before the sun “burns” the morning mist away
it is packed with idyllic atmosphere – if we manage to get up from the bed
Weekly Photo Challenge – 2nd version of the theme “(morning) Fresh

Fresh fruits of the sea

11 011

The nickname “fruits of the sea” is an inspiring and appetizing nickname
as in several languages ​​have been standardized and the common name
as most fruits so they are best fresh – from the “garden”
if you can get them directly from the fishing boat, so it can’t be better.

Are you unsure of where they are, so look for the sharp-eyed seagulls
they are always flocking around these boats – guarding and lurking.
Weekly Photo Challenge – the theme “Fresh

Be happy 3 “golden hours”


A golden morning hour in the danish summer paradise Skagen in northern Jutland.


All hours of the day are golden in this german city
at least according to the clock on the tower of the Freiburg Cathedral.


Trade fairs in the german city of Cologne large exhibition center
attracts many visitors to the city as the center is one of the world’s largest
and the neighboring city of Dusseldorf is a magnificent place to stay overnight
district Alte Dusseldorf (Old Dusseldorf) is worth a visit
many pubs and restaurants have “golden hours” through the evening.
Weekly Photo Challenge “Golden Hour

Nostalgic backwards dream

Being nostalgic is to be enthusiastic about a reunion with places or things.
Nostalgia is a combination of the greek words nostos (return home) and algos (pain).
it is used to yearn for something lost, missing or just old days.
Earlier in the “good old days” it was a diagnosed disease
for example many soldiers from the american civil war were labeled “Nostalgia”
the world didn’t know about the term “post-traumatic stress disorder” at that time.
Nostalgia is today also a concept of fashion and form
many tend to confuse it with the term “retro”.
Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Nostalgic