Cool warmth

G 27

Warmth can be be many things, simply it can be described as what warms hearts
some might include their toes
this chilly december afternoon at this year’s sixth last day
with a temperature just below the freezing point.
Some might think that warmth so far away,.but also ‘chilly’ colors can warm our hearts.
This view clearly indicates, however imaginary that the world lies ahead of our feet
It must surely warm our hearts – even though the feet probably being cold.

Weekly photo challenge “Warmth

Forgotten, not gone

F 76

Light beams down in a part of the parisian catacombs,
which is a comprehensive system of 300 km underground tunnels, shafts and spaces in disused limestone quarry in Paris, which a part of now is used as a burial site.

Gone not forgotten
our heart and our brain is our files and keep us in touch with our memory.

Forgotten not gone
sometimes we delete something in our files
or other things make that something will be deleted.
This doesn’t necessarily imply that it disappears.

Probably surprising many things in this world, we think are gone but just been forgotten.

Weekly photo challenge “Gone not forgotten