Down by the river


There is a lot of symbolism in the rivers and in life too
a great deal they have in common, perhaps more than we feel

We can sit passive on the sidelines and watch them rumble past us.
We can sit on the banks and hope for reward with our fly fishing.
We can go with the flow and hope we do not drown or get lost.
We can swim against the stream and enjoy the “the fight” or challenge.

There are lots of inspiring opportunities in rivers and in life too.


Here are 6 streams and rivers that have been inspiring to meet in 2013.





Nytårshilsner – det er præcist rette tidspunkt
Salutări de Anul Nou – aceasta este exact la momentul potrivit
New Year Greetings – it’s just the right time
Salutations du Nouvel An – c’est juste le moment opportun
Neujahrsgrüße – es ist genau die richtige Zeit
Nyttårshilsener – det er akkurat rett tid
Saludos de año nuevo – es el momento justo
Auguri di Capodanno – questo è esattamente il momento giusto
Nyårshälsningar – det är exakt rätt tidpunkt
Groeten van het nieuwjaar – dit is precies het juiste moment

(Unfortunately I can’t write more languages)

All the best wishes from my heart to You and Yours for the year of 2014

“Le Drake Noir”

Early winterly morning mood


Cozy thursday or creepy thursday
pure foggy morning mood.

When I “at the dawn of time” learned to read, I found Alfred Hitchcock very inspiring
more than all the children’s books I got recommended by parents and teachers.

Seeing a murder on television can help work off one’s antagonisms.
and if you haven’t any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some“.
(Alfred Hitchcock)

Luck is everything – my good luck in life was to be a really frightened person
I’m fortunate to be a coward, to have a low threshold of fear,
because a hero couldn’t make a good suspense film
(Alfred Hitchcock)

Nowadays television doesn’t help in separating fiction and reality
commercials is considered being reality and the news is perceived as entertainment.

Wet danish christmas mood


Danish atmosphere seen late tuesday afternoon the 24th.

In Denmark there’s always the expectation of a snowy Christmas Eve
in fact these expectations are more a hope
actually it happens only a few times each century
so instead of singing the Bing Crosby song “White Christmas”
so should the danes sing the Gene Kelly song “I’m singing in the rain”.

It’s a moment with lots of traditions and good intentions.

I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars
and open a jar of it every month
(Harlan Miller – english writer and artist, born in Yorkshire)

Just imagine if we humans could treat each other like this throughout the year.

00 84

I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six
my mother took me to see him in a department store
and he asked for my autograph
(Shirley Temple – american actress, singer, dancer and former US-ambassador)

By the way what's wrong with rain..?

Happy Holidays, everyone…!!!

Winter resort – summer mood


All the popular winter resorts are always characterized by strong sunlight and white snow
La Plagne, a french ski area in the alpine valley of the Tarentaise (Savoie) is no exception
most people can not imagine the area without snow – dressed up in green variants
but most ski resorts are very useful even in summer.



The ski lifts can be used without skis too
the atmosphere is different, but equally charming and cozy
added value at an area like this, while it is in the greenish period of the year
it is wonderful to ride up or down the winding roads on a mountain bike.

Currently, there are about one and a half meters of snow on top.


Green scottish winter mood


Idyllic south scottish december mood, still with a green hue in the landscape.


Even the tin roof of the deserted garages are green.


The grass around the very old bridge still keep the greenish look.


The lake and the little tiny island in the hazy morning mood still green too.


Still a bit greenish at the river Tweed.


At the eastern scottish coast line you could see the color of green.

Even in december, the scottish countryside be in a good mood
by the way far in the horizon lies the norwegian coast probably not green.

Mandela – you did it our way


A storm blown lighthouse in the dying evening light.

Nelson Mandela has passed away, a real and true statesman
perhaps the only one left in our time
a powerful and clear shining huge lighthouse for all of us worldwide.
Rest in Peace, Mandela – thanks, you did it our way in your way.

A lighthouse has been turned into a guiding star in the sky.