Visual upheaval

Autumn arrives and green colors are transformed by lots of creativity.
In Alsace, too, nature may not rebuild but repaint.
On the edge to the west where Alsace leans towards the Vosges
– there the view changes almost every single day.


Shit happens with trouble

Toilets in model form World War One seen in some fortresses of Alsace
– used by both french and german soldiers (not at the same time).
The facilities have just changed “owners” a few times during the years.
In fact, there were sometimes air deficiencies in the underground plants.
No electricity, both petrol lamps and candles often went out due to lack of oxygen.
Unpleasant and dangerous to the soldiers, almost as dangerous as the war itself.

Uphill in several ways

Out on the horizon lies one of the most well-known landmarks in Alsace.
The old castle and fortification Haut-Koenigsbourg, built during a troubled time.
Today is the toughest war when all the visiting tourists try and try
– getting a car park after the way up on the narrow winding forest roads.

Seriously talking traffic congestion in Paris, London, NY even Mumbai.
Traffic jam here, we talk about king size at this hill.