Fairy tale with unknown end

The “Sleeping Beauty in the Woods“, classic fairy tale first known about mid-1300s
– about a princess who is cursed to sleep for many years by an evil fairy,
where she only could be awakened by a handsome prince.
When the good fairy hears this she knew that the princess
– would be frightened if she found herself alone when she wakes up.
So the fairy uses her wand to put every living person and animal in the palace
– to sleep until the princess awakes.
Sometimes it happens to old abandoned vehicles in the woods too.

Just waiting for the prince.

Totally surrounded by nothing

Throughout the years, laughter has been made about the famous british fog.
Usually most of all these jokes are attached to London, but that city isn’t alone.
Liverpool, here at the Albert Docks, also join the game.
The adjacent water surface is completely blurred by “the “soup”.

Or as Onslow probably would have said: “Ohh nice, totally surrounded by nothing”.?

Alone away from home

Not much more empty than a deserted station, especially an underground station.
When the trains come not much so filled, especially underground stations.

Moorfield Station close to the center of Liverpool, a february evening.

By the way, a “wave” of new trains is on the way to the Merseyside area.
Starting in mid-January, the new yellow trains come “floating” as a replacement.
Swiss made and built in the Alps country, how do they get to Liverpool.?
Of course pulled by locomotives up through Europe, Channel Tunnel and London.

How easy could it be.?