For whom the bell tolls

In 1857 this tower was built on the square in Nordby,
at the instigation of the provost (the top man of the island’s five priests).
(Samsø still has five churches today plus two tiny chapel churches).
He had been inspired on a journey in Belgium.
The money came from fundraising, with the island’s landowner paying the most.
The church was divided between four villages and just between in open countryside.
In this town they had difficulty hearing the church bells, especially in easterly winds.
Before that time until the 1820s there was a wooden pillory,
in which criminals were exposed to shame and disgrace for the entire village.

Nowadays, it no longer calls for ecclesiastical acts.
Either the residents have heard better, or the church has given up.
They no longer serve as a fire alarm either.
But the bells ring in the morning and in the evening, in the summer half year.
One can also rent the bell sound for a fee for festive occasions.