Maybe candy time

Saturday sweets.?

Saturday street life

Kaysersberg, late saturday morning with lots of people in the streets.
Question inspired by the Band Aid song: “Do they know it’s Christmastime at all.?”
Think so – they’ve probably looked in their calendars.?
At least some are wearing a red soft pointed hat – it must be proof enough.

It isn’t cold, actually storks should have red beaks.

By the way, in english so beak is described as
Protective Horny Jaw” isn’t english a naughty language.?

Don’t look back

We all take different paths in life,
but no matter where we go,
we take with a little from everywhere

When leaving somewhere, it’s always nice
when there are one or two, who seem to think it’s a shame.

Hard to leave new friends behind.

Morocco, after southwest and southeast so waiting northeast.
Three times four days with one plus one travel day in between.