Life behind the scenes

No doubt “to travel is to live” but the deeper meaning of life.
It is not superficial, but standard journeys receive standard reactions.
But sitting in a cozy cafe with 4-5 local enjoying coffee and hookahs,
then there is an opportunity to understand each other better.

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world
– not even our troubles

Imagination means nothing without doing

I have many problems in my life,
but my lips don’t know that.
They always smile

*Charlie Chaplin – english-american comedian*

African thursday

Sunset on the horizon seen from the moroccan Atlantic Ocean coast of Azemmour.
Earlier of the day a walk with a couple of impression at the streets of the city.
A woman dressed in a color matching a company’s storage entry.
Finally, a ship from the sea that didn’t reach the port.

Paint on the wall

Azemmour, about 75 km southwest of Casablanca, actually meaning olive.
Atlantic Ocean moroccan coast city, lying on the left bank of river Oum Er-Rbia.
The city (about 36000 inhabitants) features a portuguese medina too,
which has three parts, a jewish mellah, a kasbah, and the old medina.
Many walls in the old part of the city are decorated by several local artists.