Wilderness of water

Easy day to be a seagull where Irish Sea and river Mersey meet.
Just unfold the wings, then the bird will fly, easy way learning to fly.
The fish down in the water probably never get seasick.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Not a pirate captain seriously leaning on a parking ticket,
but a creative local artist who collects wreckage for his project.
It is a continuing process, over the years – mostly in stormy weather.
Because the river and the sea can’t keep “curious fingers” from the creation.
Both river Mersey and Irish Sea both supply and steal material at the same time.

A row of benches with their backs facing the river Mersey,
– a sensible choice in this kind of weather,
the waves beat over them incessantly.
Probably why the benches are unused right now.?

Shaken not stirred

Probably “shaken not stirred”
– the right place for agent 007 James Bond to enjoy his drink.?
Not a ferry cross the river Mersey,
but where the river meets the Irish Sea
– a ferry meet port of Liverpool.

Alone away from home

Not much more empty than a deserted station, especially an underground station.
When the trains come not much so filled, especially underground stations.

Moorfield Station close to the center of Liverpool, a february evening.

By the way, a “wave” of new trains is on the way to the Merseyside area.
Starting in mid-January, the new yellow trains come “floating” as a replacement.
Swiss made and built in the Alps country, how do they get to Liverpool.?
Of course pulled by locomotives up through Europe, Channel Tunnel and London.

How easy could it be.?

Never walked alone

Robert (Bob) Paisley (1919 – 96) was an english footballer and manager
who spent almost fifty years with Liverpool FC
as a wing half, physiotherapist, coach and manager.
Born in the northeast England between Sunderland and Newcastle on Tyne.
Signed with LFC in 1939, but didn’t played his first game until 1946.
– due military service during WW2, in fact he “conquered” Rome twice.
As part of the British Army in 1945, when the Allies liberated the city,
and as manager of the LFC becoming european champion team in 1977
– a finale played in the same city against german Borussia Mönchengladbach.
Bob Paisley stated that the Rome welcome was equally good both times.

In January 2020 an eight feet high statue was unveiled outside Anfield,
which translates into figure an iconic photo from 1968.
When Paisley carried the injured future team captain Emlyn Hughes off the field.
The plinth includes a quote from Paisley:
This club has been my life; I’d go out and sweep the street
and be proud to do it for Liverpool FC if they asked me to