Homemade breakfast.?

Not unusual to have a small coffee grinder in many homes.
In this abandoned home, it seems as if they also had a grain rolls for oatmeal.?


What’s cooking.?

When a place is found abandoned and have been it for years.
Often it seems like it was left in a hurry in the morning
– and then the people forget all about return in the evening.

Long-term parking

The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness
*Brian A. McBride – american author*

The fact that some do abandoned something,
gives others the opportunity to find it.
Could it be called a win-win situation, or a lose-win situation.?
Okay abandonment like this isn’t quite right, but quite interesting to find.

Abandonment in art

The (in my opinion) very talented danish artist Mie Olise (Kjaergaard).
Living respectively in Copenhagen and the Big Apple – educated in London.
Enjoying her art and sparkling my fascination for “abandonment”
– which I often find reflected in her works of art.

Inspired by Friendly Friday at Forestwoodfolkart here