Bare look


One of the sculptures on my all times favorite sculpture list
loved to splash in the water as a little and very active on the busy way kid
Agnete og Havmanden” (Agnete and the Merman)
the artist is the sculptor Mogens Bøggild and was inaugurated in 1941
at the City Hall in the second largest danish city – Aarhus.
Nature is often used by humans as an excuse to get naked
it is natural, we say
but actually if we look around in nature, so nature hides nudity
grass or moss covers quickly surfaces
foliage cover bald trees, sometimes neighboring trees makes the cover
lead or bronze sculptures are quickly covered with a green shade too.

A bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth
(George Dennison Prentice – newspaper editor)

but the truth is always naked..?

the inspiration comes from the worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme: “Bare