Color regulations

The Vosges, the eastern side – the Alsace side.
A thorough color regulation in progress.
All in all, a dimming from exuberant for more muted colors.

Protective preparation

Winter time is close to be realized, Ballon d’Alsace area in the Vosges Mountains.
Soon the entire area will be wrapped in a beautiful white snow cover.
Like a “ticking bomb” it will lie under the snow and just wait for the spring.
The nature will go to sleep as protection against, yes, the nature itself.

Modern old-fashionedness

Kaysersberg and Kintzheim, two nearby alsatian gems.
Settlements with plenty of idyllic charming atmosphere.
Snapshots from experiences throughout the fall as time gave way.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Lots of old-fashionedness in the modern way.

Fun to live close to a view that people travel far to see.
See it several times a day when I’m home.

Early morning, later in the day
– filled with residents and tourists.
Both scenarios are charming.

One of the most popular photo subjects in the entire Alsace.?

Not bad to have your own observation tower in the backyard.
Keep an eye on the neighbors and wine clusters in the field.?

Stork relaxing, the kids have left home at last.?

Wine hill sprint

Turckheim lies west of Colmar, on the eastern slopes of the Vosges mountains.
Part of the famous alsatian wine route, with lots af calm traffic looking for adventure.
Few times of the year the traffic do changes being absolutly without any calm.
A racing event with several types of cars.

The event takes place in the countryside at a distance outside the village walls.
So the village streets, wine cellars and all the almost 4000 inhabitants are calm.