Fingerprint in the cityscape

Contains “signature” or fingerprint from at least four architects.
Provides “variegated” and not “foot-shaped” cityscapes.

Art exhibited differently

Azemmour with an impressive ancient building on the banks of the river Oum Er-Rbia.

This amazing architecture houses cave-like spaces with murals too.
How the mix between paint colors and old building structure,
really creates a fantastic harmony in a relatively small space.



Cologne, a german city with roots back in the past, very far back.
It is really seen in many places of the cityscape, but development is also seen.
The elder beautiful bridge over the river Rhine.
Between the huge Exhibition Center and the Cologne Dom was as new,
a very modern construction – but since overtaken by new projects.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.