Cologne, a german city with roots back in the past, very far back.
It is really seen in many places of the cityscape, but development is also seen.
The elder beautiful bridge over the river Rhine.
Between the huge Exhibition Center and the Cologne Dom was as new,
a very modern construction – but since overtaken by new projects.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Rocky seaside

Fort Clonque is a 19th-century coastal fortress in Alderney.
Built at a time when french naval power,
was becoming an increasing concern to the british.
Built on a rocky outcrop of land joined to the island by a causeway
– that can be submerged at high tide.
It was manned by fifty men and fortified with up to 10 guns,
mostly 68-pounders, however none was ever fired in anger.

Scenes from a Gene Kelly film were shot at Fort Clonque in 1953.

The fort fell into disuse before being rescued by investors in 1966,
it now provides comfortable self-catering accommodation for up to 13 people.

Caught in different angles and tidal.