Gold in bronze

Bronze sculpture of Thierry Delorme entitled:
“Sitted Bather looking at a dragonfly”.
Located at Place de Zurich in Strasbourg.

*transleted from danish the insect “dragonfly” is called “goldsmith”.

Homelessness cast in bronze

This world-famous sculpture, created by the canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz
– inspired when he saw a homeless person on a bench home in Toronto.
Was seen placed at Nelson Mandela Place, during a Glasgow visit
Some churches (others not), added with the homeless charity representatives
– hope the sculpture will help raise awareness of homelessness.
Permission to install the UK’s first version of the statue on a pavement,
outside a Westminster church was rejected by their council.
The hope from people behind the idea, is it will be worldwide,
a smaller version of the statue has been blessed by the Pope.

Many of us with a roof over our heads have a look the other way
– when see homelessness, some only by seeing a sculpture of a worldwide problem.