Out of nowhere

J 10

The spring presses on with greater and greater force – an irresistible force.
A bike ride in the south southeastern Lancashire UK reveals all the signs.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes..
Besides seeing where you drive, so look at the surroundings and enjoy.

J 07

The farmers are on track, the spring track.

J 08

These small but well padded piglets enjoying spring, however supervised by their mother.

J 09

Small fellow with a great voice, also very curious about phographers..

J 12

Local Lancashire village church, open for a visit and a chair for relaxing.

J 13

These kind of small villages really create an inspiring mood.

J 11

A green door and a fascinating wall – together a small farmhouse.

J 14

In the landscape of Lancashire, you could still meet a view like this.

J 15


Airy but solid

C 15

Austria consists of a series of local self-governing Lander
but something none of them controls, it is the weather
here in the area where Tyrol and Vorarlberg “collide”.

C 11

The austrian Alps aren’t to be ignored, they are very visible in the landscape
the easiest is to run around them even though it is longer
the most fun is to “run over” them – some climbing them – a matter of likes or dislikes
I prefer mountain biking both on-road and off-road.

The weather may well change in the different height levels – change very much
it isn’t a rule that the weather is the same all around the mountain.

C 17

C 19

C 18

A danish former professional cyclist Jesper Skibby
he was once asked after a stage of the Tour de France
if he was looking forward to tomorrow’s stage in the french Alps
Jesper Skibby replied with a smirk:
“Let’s sleep on it, maybe they are gone tomorrow”

The Alps don’t move over night., no matter how much you dream.

C 21

C 16

Worth it

P 035

Étretat – boat idyll by the waterside
it was the favorite relaxing area of the painter Claude Monet.

An amazing long distance hiking path (Le Havre to Le Tréport) passes through the town
a path with a total length of about 180 km closely along the french coastline of Normandy.

Track info about the path – part one / part two

P 036

P 037

P 038

Biking along the seashore or hiking – the track is easily followed.

P 039

P 040

Weekly photo challenge “Work of art
“art” isn’t just paintings and sculptures,
it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning – even food.
show us a thing, place, or person that’s a work of art to you.

Brilliant way of “art”, creating a path along the coastline of Normandy
the path of experiences combined with care of health (our bodies worth it)
landscape, seascape and cityscape just in front of our eyes.

Not only our health but also our brains deserve it.

Abandoned or disused


A derelict, unused or abandoned iworld
it may be the reality that meets while biking in nature
this ride was on the “border” between Wales and the northwestern England
probably it could be everywhere
first a former (guess so) health institution.


No doubt why this car ended here, the steering wheel to the left yeah tells everything.


It used to be an aircraft hangar.


An offroad road..?


Probably no train for years.