Seen from the bike

The tiny danish island Samsø seen from the bike.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s was too far away,
so the cattle kept their break in the green on the hills.

Neither a parking accident nor too small a garage.
Only half a car as an eye-catcher at a local Austin museum.

In front of the cemetery actually where my father is buried.
The two bikes are supposed to belong to some guests.
By the way, years ago a bicycle was stolen in the exact same place.
When the sinner was revealed (a few days later) said that he was in good faith.
He claimed he thought it was abandoned because the owner was dead.

The motorcycle officer doesn’t actually fine his own motorcycle.
He chases two- and four-wheelers for traffic illegalities.
Waiting for them where they least expect it.

Humorous at three angles – danish place, english text and italian delicacies.