Thoughts on challenges

Well there is actually a cloud in the sky, look closely

Here is the weather forecast not by, but for “Le Drake Noir” for the weekend – seen this afternoon – the.Weekly Photo Challenge of Word Press, last week’s theme was “to day” and “to day” is a damn important day, because it’s the first day of the rest of your life

Really don’t miss it

and what’s waiting..?

a blue blue sky

ohhh would the black viewers say very pessimistic

“There’s a cloud on the blue blue sky

so it’s proberly start raining”

In Danish, there is a children’s nonsense sayings
“Hvis hvis hvis, min røv er spids, så ka’ jeg skide i en flaske”
“If if if, my ass is peak, then I can shit in a bottle

 implied that if the problems doesn’t come by itself
so you can always help them on their way.

How many percent blue sky and what percentage cloud..?

For some weeks ago, the teme of Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge was “Blue”

Many, maybe to many, fell blue when they discovers a cloud on the blue sky – but a blue sky with clouds is, in my eyes, prettier than without – as people with “scars” or wrinkles often prettier and more exciting than those without.

The perfect can be imperfect and the imperfect be perfect

By the way, so I really know why this clouds pops up.

A powerpoint presentation that I should have finish today for a business relationship
(that is, among others, tasks like that which I do for living)
my client will use the presentation  monday late afternoon – and should also have time to read it as preparation before the meeting where he will speak from it – but the client should provide for me, a range of economic value indicators that should be an important ingredient in the presentation – this material he hasn’t finalized and sent to me as promised – so I won’t get this material before late sunday night.

Right the cloud hangs on my blue sky, but if it’s grow up as a rainy cloud,
so it isn’t me who gets wet.

I wonder if many of the problems you think you have – in fact, are other people’s problems – but you can then help others with their problems – but do not believe they’re yours.