Seven prompts again

Daily prompt “Blanket“.

We must look for our roots, rarely they are visible.

Daily prompt “Roots“.

All the new buses in Blackpool are yeah right gray.!

Daily prompt “Gray“.

With a glimpse in the eye, because nobody respects women more than me.
If women knew their force physically and mentally.
Sorry for the boys, so zip the world was ruled by these lovely women.

Daily prompt “Zip“.

The animals are laughing at us.
We consider ourselves to be smarter.
But our desire betrays us.

Daily prompt “Avid“.

Our illusions cheat us occasionally.
So the only place we all stay in common harmony.
It’s the cemeteries, elsewhere full of intrigue, power struggles and lies.?

Daily prompt “Harmony“.

The spike of the day, we never know before later on.

Daily prompt “Spike“.