Smoothly waterway after all

J 48

Always a special experience here, it could hardly be more international.
This is a view of an industrial area in the northernmost of the swiss city of Basel
with the beautiful german woodland Schwarzwald (Black Forest) behind as a backdrop
a look over the river Rhine seen from the western french bank of the river which
flowing in from Switzerland and on way north is the border between Germany and France

Almost a boundary point more than a boundary line in the middle of the water.

Many of these cargo barges seen time and time again, up and down the river Rhine
alternately seen again and again too, many of these long and impressive cruise barges.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
this is the 2nd version of the travel theme “Smooth“.

Why smooth could logically be asked about – because it going on pretty much smoothly.