Public room

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The square in front of fish market at the small harbor
one of the many public rooms, today on a rainy friday just before noon
public rooms are characterized in that they don’t have walls or ceilings
in any case, only imaginary walls and not always high up to that ceiling which isn’t there.

The public rooms have the strength that the room is changing from day to day
the sun, the wind and the clouds are the main cause for this change
it’s just like getting our surroundings freshly painted every day.

Weekly photo challenge “Room

All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret
*Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez – colombian short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist*

W 044

The public room last thursday afternoon.

W 043

The public room outside a cafe like this, it’s actually a win-win situation..?

We look at those who sit at the tables when we pass
and if we sit at the tables ourselves so we look at those who cross our line of sight.

Enjoy your coffee, I did it yesterday – both – the view inspired for enjoying a cup of coffee.

At the public room.