History could make us wiser


An annual recurring “battlefield” in the northern french countryside
cobblestone stretch of cycling classic Paris – Roubaix called “A Sunday in Hell
every spring the bike riders fight like warriors on the extreme hard route
as especially on rainy days can be very demanding and not without risk.


This landscape actually throughout the far north of France
has been the scene of terrible much cruelty throughout history
often nature try to blur, hide or repair all the wounds we humans make
here close to the Somme , it’s the old trenches of the First World War.


Close to Abbeville, a former battlefield now a idyllic golf area.


The Canadian National Memorial at the Vimy Ridge (the northwestern France)
the trenches have been preserved by replacing the original sand bags
with sand bags made out of concrete
as a reminder to all coming new generations, what they need to avoid.