Live and let’s snow

Charmonix and the french Alps, worth visting a couple of days.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

From a peak

Aiguille du Midi in the french Alps close to Mont Blanc and Chamonix.
Some enjoy the walk for a view at the top, while the lazy ones take the red cable car.

All inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Mountain high

Q 24

All these busy energetic people didn’t discovered anything at all.
The one on the other side with a water bottle and a camera, watching them.

The area around Mont Blanc and the french city of Chamonix.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A  walk (hiking) or biking ‘smash’ the feeling of freedom right in face.
The temperature is perfect for moving , better in the sun than in the shades.

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Q 23

There will be plenty of melt water from the mountains,
of course most in spring and early summer.

Many opportunities to burn energy more than ordinary hiking.
Mountain biking is more fun than racing cycling – which isn’t dependent on the asphalt.
Those who want real mountaineering, they choose their own terrain.

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W 001

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Look up

Q 13

One of the biggest misconceptions is the belief french Chamonix is only winter sports.
A winter visit is really “hot”, but a summer visit is life a bit the paradisiacal way.

Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling.
Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor
* Bill Shankly – legendary scottish soccer manager*

Our life is too important, leaving in the hands of people we don’t trust.

1st leg of a ‘3-day 3-Quote Challenge – to lay up on screen a quote a day in three days
favorite quotes which have a greater meaning for us, often they are guiding lines for us.
The inspiring challenge comes from the heart-warming blogger Suyash Chopra

Hopes other will feel for catching this line and take the challenge too.

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