Down by the corner

The mediterranean Corsica with its rustic landscape is a popular car rally terrain.


Independent mind

S 95

When the bells chime, it is because a story must out – in the corsican city of Calvi too.

S 84

When a tree trunk lies in the water’s edge, a story has happened – in Calvi too.

S 87

Christopher Columbus was born in Calvi, this story he didn’t want out in public.

Q 02

S 93

S 94

S 88

The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
This is a few views from visiting the area of Calvi on Corsica.

S 90

Bus services are underdeveloped all over Corsica – in Calvi too.

S 91

Neighbors and neighboring cities are at a safe distance – around Calvi too.


L 96

A little humble boat, most likely with only the very most necessary amenities.
Noticed it when we sailed from Algajola to Calvi along the corsican northwest coast.
But we saw clearly that a lot of pro photographers take great interest in the ship.
These paparazzi probably can “smell” celebrities from afar.
Even when they hide in small humble “sink-ready old tubs”.